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One of THE best ways to improve your search engine rank is to write articles for an online article directory The nice thing about

One of THE best ways to improve your search engine rank is to write articles for an online article directory. The nice thing about writing articles is that you can use it to promote either your whole site or a specific page within your site.

The Authors Resource box is what you use to direct your reader. But for people to read your Authors Resource box they need to read your article.

Your first challenge is coming up with an interesting title. Your title is what will or will not persuade people to read your article - all the way down to the Resource.

So how do you pick a good title - Lots of good titles start with - How do I - - , - How can I - . - , - What is the best way - - , etc. Once youve chosen a title, its time to check out the competition. Put the title into Googles Search Box and check out what comes up. How many thousands of sites are you competing with - Maybe you will need to tweak your title, such as changing - How do I, to - How you can.

But a title with few competing sites could also be a title with limited searches. Next, put your title into Wordtracker and check out the search numbers. Maybe - How can I has a lot of competition but it might also have loads of searches.

Using these two tools, continue to tweak your title until you find the right combination of less competition and more searches. Then write an interesting article and put grab your reader all the way down to the Resource Box. And then make the most of the Resource Box. Direct your reader to your site by offering more, such as more information or a freebie.

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