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The same Internet marketing scams that worked five years ago continue to be popular today because the scams seem logical This article will

The same Internet marketing scams that worked five years ago continue to be popular today because the scams seem logical. This article will teach you about three of the most popular scams and save you thousands of dollars.

*We will submit your Web site to thousands of search engines. The fact is submission of your Web site to thousands of search engines is completely unnecessary for two reasons. First, more than 90 percent of all Internet searches are made at Google, Yahoo and MSN. Who are these thousands of search engines and why waste effort on less than 10 percent of the search volume they generate? The second reason this submission service is unnecessary is search engines will find your site on their own. Just get a couple links to your site from other Web sites and you will be found.

*We guarantee top Google ranking! No one, and I mean no one, can guarantee your Web site a top ranking on Google (or Yahoo and MSN ). They can try, but they can't guarantee it. Here is a quick reality check: there are 10 spots on page one of Google. Let's say you want to rank on the first page for the term 'mortgage broker.' So do 5,000 other mortgage brokers. If even just 50 of those brokers all went to the same vendor for this incredible deal, how are they going to fit 50 mortgage brokers onto page 1 of Google? They're not. They're going to start persuading you that it's good to rank for longer, less popular phrases such as 'discount mortgage brokers Texas.' Well, if no one else is trying to get ranked for exactly that term, maybe they could get you onto the first page. When it comes to top search engine placement for the keyword terms that matter, no one can guarantee you a page one ranking. It's a sales gimmick, and frequently, its fraud.

*We get 1,000 links to your Web site for only $49.95/month Search engines track the number of links to a Web site and use that number as one factor when ranking them. That fact makes this offer of 1,000 links look enticing. The problem is search engines care about the quality of links, not just quantity. So 1,000 poor quality links won't help improve the ranking of your Web site and can even get you banned from the search engines if those links are coming from link spammers.

Internet marketing scams rely on a small amount of truth to seem legitimate.

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