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Nowadays there are a lot of services usually illegal that use the brands to earn money however very often the companies even do not know

Nowadays there are a lot of services (usually illegal) that use the brands to earn money however very often the companies even don't know about such services. It is very hard to control the situation though possible. PerfectMoney payment processor, is one of those companies that sometimes become a victim of the illegal services that destroy the company's reputation and discredit it in the eyes of the customers. One of the ways to protect the company name is creation of the rules. So, these days PerfectMoney has put a set of the rules for the exchange services. PerfectMoney payment system doesn't like the word exchangers and prefer to call the exchange services as exchange partners that show the company's attitude towards this kind of services.

'Terms of partnership and the rules of operating activities for exchange partners of Perfect Money'( is a set of rules consisting of 3 sections. In this document the company describes the procedure of becoming the company's Exchange Partner. So, the company states that exchanger should provide its identification documents to PM administration in order to become the certified exchange partner. If approved the exchanger should follow all the regulations of PerfectMoney. One of the rules is to publish the detailed information on the exchange terms.

According to the code the exchange services are allowed to set any exchange fees for the transactions with PerfectMoney electronic currency, however the maximum allowed fee for the exchange of PerectMoney should not exceed 10%. The exchangers also should undertake the liability to exchange Perfect Money electronic currency quickly and without delay.

Having read that document one can feel the seriousness of PerfectMoney in the exchange issue. We looked through the whole list of the exchangers and were very surprised as the list became much longer than it was before. The idea with the list of exchangers is very good as it is it is a guarantee of a secure exchange controlled personally by PerfectMoney.

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