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As you may already know am not into forced matrices, especially those with monthly payments Why Because no matter how many I recruit

As you may already know am not into forced matrices, especially those with monthly payments. Why? Because no matter how many I recruit? 2/3 or more of them will have quit in two to three months as most folks can't recruit and overspill does not seem to be working.

Most of these 2x9 or 3x15 forced matrices do not ever get filled, and the monthly fee of $39 or more is just too high. So folks quit. Then you have to find new folks to keep it going. So these are the main barriers to success in these.

But... am changing my mind on this one. Why? The barrier to joining is so low that most folks reading this one will join. How much? You already know. Three bucks. And it's one time. After you have 3 or more folks in your downline due to overspill or from your own (free) advertising... you are free and clear. And likely making some money.

So this is why am going to support this one and suggest you spend the three bucks to do so yourself. The risk is.... three bucks! And some of your time to mention the program in your blog, to your list, to your friends, in forum signatures, and at many of the free advertising venues that I list lower in my blog. Just do a Ctrl-F on Advertising and keep hitting NEXT until you find the list.

So this one gets my thumbs up. Spend your three bucks now, if you wish. Oh and they take AlertPay only. I can trade you STP and e-gold if you don't have any. .

Oh and when I got to the backoffice I noticed an upgrade link, went there, read about it, and chose to upgrade for the $10 to Gold Status. Seems worth it, at least for me. But if you are not planning to get a few folks in? Don?t upgrade.

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