Updated: 10/03/2008 23:55
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The admin of NeoBux has finally announced his plans for the next memberships Great, so on top of the 60 USD I spent to upgrade which I have to

The admin of NeoBux has finally announced his plans for the next "memberships" (Great, so on top of the $60 I spent to upgrade which I have to say with 350 rented referral I'm barely breaking even each week, he now offers other packages ranging from $290 - $890. Fix the problems you have now! Work on something for standard members. The reason gold members are not earning is because standard members are not able to make a profit and leave, which results in golden members having inactive referrals. This is not a solution.

This is just an extra way for the site to make money. I do not believe you should have to pay to take a vacation, which is one of the perks in some of these packages. Most of these benefits I beleive should be available to regular golden members. Ugh, I get more disappointed in this site everyday. This site has shown over and over that it caters to the members who can offord to invest thousands of dollars and not the average clicker. So much for "innovation"...)

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