Updated: 10/05/2008 09:00
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To write or have written, that is the question Of course you may not even want to do it yourself There are thousands of article writers

To write or have written, that is the question
Of course you may not even want to do it yourself. There are thousands of article writers available online, anyone of whom will be happy to take your money, and write the articles for you. It does not need to cost you a fortune, either. Typically, most will charge around $10 for a 500 word article (more than enough for most Ezines), about $35 for up to 1,500 and around $250 for about 5,000 words.

Text Based Advertising
Couple readable articles with text-based advertising, put them on your blog or website, and you have got yourself an income stream. These days it is well known that people are becoming less likely to click on banner ads, but have really taken to text ads within website copy and blog articles.

Authors Resource Box
So, how do you earn a reasonable income from articles that are published online for free? Well, first of all, every online ezine, allows authors to maintain a resource box, where they can write a short piece that promotes them, their website or blog, in fact just about anything they want to promote. The resource box is usually at the end of the article and if the reader uses the links provided, he or she can be directly taken to whatever it is that the author is promoting.

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Abby Anderson is a a multi-skilled copywriter with good all-round writing and creative expertise. She is a very capable professional with an ability to identify and then deal with a clients needs and then translate them into crisp, compelling, creative and informative copy. Experienced in providing motivation & guidance to colleagues to produce copy write for products that will have a real impact on the lives of people. Abby has excellent interpersonal skills, she is a good communicator, emotionally mature with calming and positive temperament and understanding disposition.
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