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I recently stumbled upon a site called where they pay you 1 for every survey you qualify for and complete

I recently stumbled upon a site called where they pay you $1.00 for every survey you qualify for and complete. The first thing on the home page of their website is "Take a quick survey and earn $1.00 via PayPal! Take multiple surveys everyday!", which seemed to be a pretty good deal. I decided why not try it out, maybe I could actually earn an okay amount from it since I could take multiple surveys a day as they stated on their home page. I used another email address instead of my main one, just in case they were to send spam or turn out to be a waste of time. In order to take survey you just have to enter your email address and click "Take a Survey". They pay via PayPal so you must use an email address that is also registered with PayPal, they send you payment within a week.

I started the first survey and was booted out because I wasn't demographically what they were looking for, it was after about 8 questions that this happened which is pretty normal. Then I tried another survey and it was one hosted by OTX, after about 20 questions I got disqualified and OTX gave me the option of trying to qualify for another one of their surveys. I decided to try for the next one but 10 questions in I knew they were gonna kick me out so I just quit. I have done a lot of OTX surveys, and the only ones I find worth my time are the movie trailer ones since they are pretty short and easy to complete. I tried another survey and actually was surprised since it was a survey for a special panel of only 350 people, so I joined and completed the survey but I'm not sure if I will get credit for it because it redirected me back to the company the survey was hosted by. If I don't get credit within a week I am going to contact them about it. I clicked on "Take a Survey" yet again and was given an offer to request a coupon by clicking on a banner of the website that they sent me to, I thought might as well get a coupon and a dollar, lets see if they pay me for that as well. This all took place yesterday.

Today when I tried for a survey I got the following...
So they basically want me to go to a website they they direct me to click on a banner and sign up for the program, if I recalled correctly it was a health website of some sort. I didn't want to sign up for something that wouldn't be any use for me so I declined and clicked the link to skip this offer.

After trying another time I received a "there are no surveys available right now"...

I can't say that this its a bad website and I can't say it's a good one, but I can say its not the best. Although I have not been paid by them as of yet, it seems like an okay place to take surveys.... when they are available that is. Fair warning - you may complete surveys that are worth more than a dollar. If you are new to surveys and who hosts them you might be wasting your time, so for those of you that don't know already OTX surveys (it will have those letters at the top left of the survey) usually take from 20 - 45 minutes to complete. If you enter a survey from OTX that isn't about movies(they will usually ask you to view a movie trailer) then it will probably exceed 20 minutes which isn't really worth the effort for the amount you will get. I have also done a survey from that was hosted by Greenfield as well as others, to bad I was disqualified from them (lol).

I will let you know if and when I receive a PayPal payment from them. Also if anyone has any experience with or even has payment proof from them, please feel free to leave a comment and if you have time a link to your payment proof.

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