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Visitors There are many types of visitors to online ezines The one that you should be particularly after is the company representative who is seeking

Visitors There are many types of visitors to online ezines. The one that you should be particularly after is the company representative who is seeking an article that s/he wants to put onto their own site as it relates well with the company's products, services or philosophies. Even though they take the article for free, they are required to retain the author's credits and his/her resource box. Even though they have 'this' article for free, and of course any others that they take legitimately online, many will then approach the author direct, and get him/her to give them a quotation for writing an article exclusively for them. I recently had one approach me for an article for their upcoming annual report. Unfortunately these invitations don't come every day, but they do come.

Traffic Generation
Articles are of course also a terrific traffic generator. Not only because of the links in the resource box, but because the major search engines absolutely love articles, and most of the top internet marketers cannot see any reason why this should change any time soon. Even the links themselves are of course valuable, as the search engines use the number of back-links your site has to give it a rating - in Google terms a Page Rank. The higher your Page Rank, the more links back to your site you have, and therefore the greater is the indication of your site's importance.

Avoid Duplicate Content
At present, however, it is important not to submit your articles to more than one ezine directory, such as the site you are now visiting to read this article. Google and the other major search engines (Yahoo! and MSN), have taken a dislike to so-called duplicate content, and might actually penalize you in terms of reducing your Page Rank (in the case of Google). Who knows, in a few more months they might totally reverse their ideas, and reward those who have the same article accepted by 25 of the top article directories, with an increased Page Rank!

Perhaps it's time to write another article on the vagaries of the search engines



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