Updated: 10/07/2008 13:30
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Too many offline issues recently and i was just back from National Day holidays. All EGold, Alertpay and Premier Business Paypal payments were

Too many offline issues recently and i was just back from National Day holidays. All E-Gold, Alertpay and Premier/Business Paypal payments were processed yesterday. Personal Paypal will take some time but i will catch up everyday as you can check our Beenpaid page.

I did some admin promoting for our upgraded members with the earning potential besides of PTP, to be exact i just checked from admanger, we are sending 55 x 0.5C Email DAILY to US members, few $0.5C to CA, a few regular 0.25C Emails to ALL members DAILY, a few 0.25C above search emails, 0.1C-0.25C upgraded ads from time to time, and those 0.3C-0.4C shared link only ads if you opt-in. Enjoy the clicking!

About PTP we'r not doing as good as the golden time before, mainly because i was lack of time to work with outside advertisers and at the same time we removed lots of affiliate networks to make our site cleaner. I should again find the balance point to make our site work the best for all of us. A second reminder that the PTP-ALL-Link will be put off on Oct.17 as told last 17th. During the time please take care of your ads if you have any and if i worked back better with advertisers i would excite you again in the future.

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