Updated: 10/07/2008 12:00
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This is yet another Social Networking site and more It looks to me like Social Networking is the wave of the future. That is how a lot of

This is yet another Social Networking site (and more). It looks to me like Social Networking is the wave of the future. That's how a lot of leads will be generated (for your own site, your own opp, and so on) as compared to techniques of the past (buying leads, advertising in surfs and other places). So we should all pay close attention to these.

The key difference between this one and others of its like is that you can potentially earn far more. First off you can buy what they call PEPs. Those will be converted to shares and then doubled, but only during the early part of the launch, which is this week. (Actually, it's already into shares at 10 Euro cents per share).

You can buy via Paypal and Meneybookers this week (in Euros only) (not sure if next week they will be using those two) and via Norwegian pay processor (it's either towah or toway, am not quite sure).

Once they have launched your shares will earn dividends, based on the amount of shares you have, from ten cents to 50 cents per share. So this could be quite a lot on one month.

Once you sign up for free go to the start page via the link on the error page and in the address bar the URL you should see should end in your username. Sign in and you can purchase from there.

Finally, the bonus is good only if you sign up this week.

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