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I hope everyone are having a good week as we bring the review of a program that has been doing decently well. EasyShareProfit is an

I hope everyone are having a good week as we bring the review of a program that has been doing decently well. EasyShareProfit is an autosurf program that has been around for a month now and the admin seems to be honest and doing things well and good. The review for today will be based on the pros and cons of this site and well make sure the admin clarifies it in the interview that would be posted later.

Speaking of pros, the name of the administrator of EasyShareProfit is Steve and he is quite honest with all his members on the forums. This is his second site with the first one named ?Surf300′ being closed. Due to the instability, he could not manage surf300 and decided abruptly to close the site as it was beginning to gain popularity. He claims to have refunded the investors in that site and is pretty confident of managing the new site afresh.

Coming to the plans, the site offers rate of interest upto 10% per day, with 10% being the maximum ROI for a given day upto the point you reach 120%. The cashouts can be done on a daily basis with whatever the ROI is generated for that particular day. The payment processors offered by this site are alertpay, altergold, libertyreserve and solidtrustpay. The minimum and the maximum upgrade that can be done by an investor is 5$ and 10,000$ respectively. The members need to surf 10 pages each day with a timer set at 15 seconds per page. Finally, the referral commission is 5% which is good enough for an investor.

EasyShareProfit is hosted on a dedicated server and pretty secured as far as our knowledge goes. The site is gaining some amount of popularity day after day as admin seems to be promising. The only thing that makes us think is the sustainability by the admin. We made sure that the admin solves that question during the interview. Also, there is a compounding option in this site that makes it look good especially with this system which minimizes the chances of paying the fees to the processors. So, thats a plus point !

So stay tuned everyone as we are in the process of getting this interview process done and also we have some decent programs reviews and interviews in the pipeline.

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