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What is happening to a similar to pension alliance programs which called World Wide Loan Club when this program announced of

What is happening to a similar to ?pension alliance? programs which called World Wide Loan Club when this program announced of changing to a new management. Prior to that, the admin had promised to pay the loans within 1st to 6th of September. According to members, as of September 7th, more and more members? loans were ceased and when they asked the admin why they had not received their loan, the admin given an excuse that The World Wide Loan Club is now under new management. An audit is being done this week, and payouts will resume as soon as possible. Here is the update regarding the change of the management: ?Dear Worldwide Loan Club Members, We are now under new management. What this means for members is that there will be a short delay in business functions. You will notice some temporary down time of our website. There are a number of things to be done before the system can be brought back online.

These include:
- implementing and testing the new website and software, and changeover to that new system,
- implementation of new languages and currencies,
- implementation of anti-hacking software,
- implementation of new security certificates with stronger encryption,
- an audit of all accounts to insure no one is missing in the migration and that all accounts are reconciled,
- and legal review of our business structure. As you may know, the laws regarding this type of private loan club differ in some countries.

Until we ascertain and implement what is required in all of these areas, we must temporarily halt some transactions until we have come into compliance. We apologize for this short delay, but we wish to insure that The Worldwide Loan Club continue to operate under a stable software platform and a sound legal framework. Thank you for your patience! Management?

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