Updated: 10/12/2008 20:48
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HYIP News. - Evaluation of the new HYIP programs, website and communications technology. Confirmed 2008/10/12.

Is PanaMoney another stable and safe program for investing? I think PanaMoney could become such a program in the long run, but not safe. Let?s see. PanaMoney Website Design and Script: Very good site with profesional custom design and standard HYIP script. The site is Comodo secured and DDOS protected and there is SSL access to your account. Yes this HYIP is expensive HYIP, so they can run in long time.

PanaMoney - Plans: All investment plans are classified by the invested amount. Clients can choose from a number of investment plans PanaMoney has to offer for the period of 16-180 trading days. When investing 30-49 USD, the maximum interest per day is 0.5%. 20,000 or more can bring the maximum of 2.8%.

As you can see the minimum for investing is 30 USD and there is no maximum. Accepted Ecurrencies: Liberty Reserve, V-money , Alter Gold. The Important Thing About PanaMoney: Is PanaMoney scam or real? Is PanaMoney a registered company? Do they have any proof of registration? Does PanaMoney have a real address?

That questions not important for me. This is HYIP arena, so you should know every HYIP lies and every HYIP claims registered and confirmed by the documents. Every HYIP claims they are managed forex account. Remember: No HYIP lasts forever.

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