Updated: 10/13/2008 14:13
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HYIP News. ID Factor: Gaming industry in the UK distrusted despite high security level.

A new research conducted by online market research firm the iD Factor suggests that customers in the UK have less confidence in online gaming industry than in any other sector. About 50% of the population expressed their doubt as regards to gaming businesses ability to protect their identity.

Customers rated retailers, central and local government, the NHS, banks and financial institutions, travel companies and the main utilities as more trustworthy organizations despite a poorer record at protecting customer information.

According to Karyn Bright, head of marketing at identity management firm GB Group, the gaming industry is treated by the public as a shady business that is not backed up by reality.

The study polled 1,000 customers which were asked to rank from one to ten how highly they trusted a range of industries with their data protection. The gaming industry ? including casinos, online sites and interactive TV gambling took the last place in the list with nearly 46% of respondents gave it the lowest rating. The similar poll last year showed that only 4% of people were confident that the gaming business can protect their identity.

Bright and other experts call upon the gaming companies to make wide advertisement of their services and measures implemented to provide financial security to their customers. Bright points to the fact that age and identity verification procedures on gaming websites are far superior to those on most online retail sites where a tick box is often used as a proof of age for the sale of 18-plus goods or content, including alcohol and knives to supermarkets.

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