Updated: 10/13/2008 02:10
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MyTurn4Bux has had problems as a direct result of their phenominal growth this is their latest update WE need your HELP please Over Loaded is an

MyTurn4Bux has had problems as a direct result of their phenominal growth - this is their latest update: WE need your HELP please! Over Loaded is an understatement! You might have noticed the site is real slow at times we know this. Here is a direct statement from our Host as to what is going on and how to fix it.

HOST of server said:
Your server is not down but very slow because the mysql server is being overload. Uptime: 1868 Threads: 85 Questions: 102828 Slow queries: 4782 Opens: 212 Flush tables: 1 Open tables: 206 Queries per second avg: 55.047

Please upgrade to the VPS bis plan its the top of the line and can handle the hits.

SO GUESS WHAT WE DID? We ordered it and it should be up by Sunday night. Now here is where we need HELP! The site is so slow it times out before a page loads so we can do mass pays today the system times out after like 5 min. So we are doing pays as fast as we can by hand.

All we ask is that you give us a few days to get new host set up. What we mean is be patient and don`t go running to pay systems or forums and start yelling raw deal! We will be watching forums during this growth spurt. (So be nice for a few days). Again all is well just PLEASE hang on while we upgrade.

Admin. MyTurn4Bux
I had noticed that withdrawals were getting slower and slower, and assumed it was a cash flow problem, but hopefully withdrawals will now continue for a while without as much delay.

But don't count on this one lasting for ever! Up to 11% aday, what can you expect! However, I started out with a $350 spend 3 weeks ago and have now withdrawn nearly 3 times that and have almost $4K in the plans and $2K in my account, so it's done well! By now most of you should be in profit, make sure that's withdrawn profit! This program will fail at some time - don't be one of the losers!

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