Updated: 10/13/2008 16:26
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Undoubtedly the best autosurf program of 2008 MegaLido read my review here for more details is still doing well And probably just to let

Undoubtedly the best autosurf program of 2008 MegaLido (read my review here for more details) is still doing well. And probably just to let the members know about whats going on Michael sent out this short update last night:

My last week was very busy again but I am happy to say that everything is doing fine. There are some unanswered e-mails from the last days but Ill answer them all during the next 24 hours, do not worry about it and please do not send the same message twice.

MegaLido has achieved a huge point when it comes to cashflow, we have now paid out a little over a million dollars, and we are only two months old, it shows that hard work and will to succeed really work very well together. I want to say a big thank you to everyone who made it possible, our members and the ones who are working with me on the affiliate business, we wouldnt have gone so far without you all, thank you!

Do not forget we have a contest going on and it is going to end next week. I am really proud of you all, you have been doing a great job promoting the program, keep it up and many millions of dollars will continue coming. I wish you all a great weekend, you should be happy about MegaLidos achievements, as you are the biggest part of them.

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