Updated: 10/13/2008 17:46
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VolcanoInvest is doing quite well even after it was hit by a heavy DDoSattack that hit the site yesterday The admin, Rob

VolcanoInvest is doing quite well even after it was hit by a heavy DDoS-attack that hit the site yesterday. The admin, Rob, (read my interview with him here) did his best though to rectify the situation and after the upgrading the DDoS-protection to the highest level the site returned back online. There are no payouts on Sunday according to the sites terms but I was paid on my withdrawal request yesterday straight after VolcanoInvest site came back online. So theres really nothing to complain about yet. Heres the latest update from VolcanoInvest that has been published on the site: As I informed earlier the VolcanoInvest site was undergoing a massive DDoS attack. To mitigate the DDoS attack much more powerful DDoS protection has been installed. Now site is online, but if you have any troubles, please wait several hours or contact me via e-mail or leave a message on the Support forums. I apologize for the inconvenience. Best regards, VolcanoInvest Admin.By the way, if you tried to deposit when the server was not fully functional due to the upgrading, your deposit in VolcanoInvest might be missing. Well, if you have such an issue contact the admin via the links provided to you when you sign into your members area and report the missing deposit. Im sure the admin will help you fix this problem very fast.

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