Updated: 10/15/2008 10:09
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Beware of scammer Helen Colt, helenct001, who targets both apartment owners and students looking for flatmates This thief

Beware of scammer Helen Colt,, who targets both apartment owners and students looking for flatmates. This thief claims to be in Dubai but writes from IP address, Nigeria Afrinic. From: helen colt
Date: October 14, 2008
Subject: need a room in paris

Am Helen, 25yrs old female student final year student studying art and culture in dubai University Dubai. Will be coming over to paris on a research on health and culture for my project.. i saw the listing of you renting an apartment in your place? i cant come and view the place before i move in and am also okay with the location of the place as well?can i know the amount to be paid for the first month rent including all other bills.i Will be needing the apartment for like 5month or more than. I am really interested.

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