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As you may or may not know, ebook sales have skyrocketed in the last 2 years The main reason behind the increase in ebook interest has

As you may or may not know, ebook sales have skyrocketed in the last 2 years. The main reason behind the increase in ebook interest has been the affiliate marketers who use Clickbank as a means to earn a great deal of revenue. Here are 4 simple, yet relatively untapped ways to make money selling ebooks for affiliates:

#1 Offline Marketing
There are thousands of marketers promoting ebook products online via advertising, website developement, and newsletters, but only a few that actually take the marketing offline. Make signs, and put them in high traffic areas on telephone poles, and in the ground. Pass out cards with a url that will sell people the products you are marketing. Talk to local business's and get them to market your product to their customers for a share of profits. Maybe you have a weightloss ebook that you could approach a health club about.

#2 Create Your Own E-Product mall.
When you know how to sell ebooks, you might as well go all out. Instead of simply promoting one product, create an entire mall with hundreds of products. Optimize the site for Google, and watch the sales come in. There is a ton of competition out there, but also realize that there are steps you can take to stay above them all. First I'd recommend probably the best script in the industry for creating custom content for a mall, and pulling the hundreds of products from Clickbank, creating an entire custom mall for you. It' called CB Mall. I have personally used CB Mall on several of my sites for subpages and it increased sales dramatically, by using natural SEO methods. Once you get your mall set up, follow the SEO tips we will provide you in later newsletters.

#3 Free Giveaways to Start a List
Give away a free guide or information in exchange for a persons email address. Once you build up a large enough list of emails begin sending out weekly newsletters with even more free information. In the newsletters each week, recommend another ebook you like. There are marketers just like you and I with over 100,000 subscribers on their lists. Image if just 1% of those subscribers purchased a product each week.

#4 Become a Blogger
Do you know a lot about diet and exercise? Then why don't you create a blog with daily entries you make with helpful exercise tips? Then each week you can make an entire blog post about a certain ebook or product you like. People are five times more likely to buy a product if there is an actual recommendation rather then simple banner ad. If you have a descent blog, you will get a following and these people will buy products you recommend to them.

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