Updated: 10/17/2008 17:53
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Webgistix Corp the leader in ecommerce order fulfillment reports that its SmartFill ecommerce fulfillment platform can now be seamlessly

Webgistix Corp., the leader in e-commerce order fulfillment reports that its SmartFill e-commerce fulfillment platform can now be seamlessly integrated with Google Checkout. With the integration online retailers using Google Inc.?s shopping cart solution can link directly with Webgistix SmartFill solution thus getting more transparent and automated order-fulfillment process.

Being a software-as-a-service (SaaS) fulfillment solution SmartFill automates the entire fulfillment operation and gives Internet retailers complete control over their back-end fulfillment processes. Besides, with the help of SmartFil retailers can have real-time visibility into all of their inventory and customer order information. With the solution leading online merchants across the globe can reduce their costs and accelerate the shipping of goods to buyers.

?By integrating Google Checkout with our SmartFill solution, Webgistix is addressing a critical issue for online retailers ? providing true end-to-end e-commerce order fulfillment that can help them scale their businesses while eliminating overhead and friction,? said Joseph DiSorbo, CEO of Webgistix. ?Webgistix SmartFill also provides real-time information and a full slate of reports so e-commerce retailers have the information they need to run their businesses more profitably and better serve their customers.?

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