Updated: 10/18/2008 20:02
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We have added some MORE new offers today which most of them pay more than 1 USD Remember too until the end of the month EVERY DAY we are running the DAILY

We have added some MORE new offers today which most of them pay $1+! Remember too until the end of the month EVERY DAY we are running the DAILY contest that the member who completes the most offers in a day gets $5! PLUS we will upgrade you to premier member if you win & you can cash out your winnings the next day as well as have them sent to you!

ALSO for this weekend from today through Sunday the member who earns the most will get 100% of their earnings! So if you make $50 we will give you an additional $50! PLUS you can cash out your earnings for the weekend and your winnings on Monday and get them paid to you on Monday if requesting PayPal or have a check sent out on Tuesday! This again is so we can prove to our members that WE DO PAY and WILL PAY! Though we have proven ourselves trustworthy for a year in a half the site being at a stand still for a while has some what hurt our reputation. Why? I'm not sure as we were still up, but there have been MANY sites that have done a HIT & RUN meaning you make the money and they take it and run, so members may be leary that this is us. Well I can ASSURE you it is not. By doing this (Daily contests with Daily PayOuts) we hope to build our trust & reputation back up where it should be!

Also if you have been paid by us during the months of October & November, EVERY member who posts proof in a forum other than ours which allows it & keeps the post up for at least 20days, WILL get $5 added to their account! So really you have the potential to make at LEAST $15 EXTRA for the month of November and if you were already paid in October or are going to be you can make another $5! This is on top of posting in our forum which gets you an extra $1! We understand that some members might not trust that we pay which is why we are offering this. Again, We WILL PAY ALL MEMBERS that are owed money for the month of October and in fact have already paid up most! The site was at a stand still but instead of doing a HIT & RUN like most sites would do and HAVE done which were in our position we just had it on hold until we could figure out how to pay everyone the monies due WITH OUT having to reverse all their offers. We hope this helps!

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