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First, a definition SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization The goal is to find and use keywords that will result in your site being at the top of

First, a definition: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The goal is to find and use keywords that will result in your site being at the top of a search list in Google, Yahoo and MSN. Thats how you get organic (natural) traffic.

1) No matter how many times it is repeated, its worth repeating again. Content is king. Quality content is tops on the list for getting tops on a search list. Search engines are simply businesses that provide one product: information. The better the job they do providing relevant, targeted results, the better their ?product and the more popular they become. Quality content on your site is a must for SEO success.

2) Finding the right keywords for your site is the place to start. You can use tools like Wordtracker and Google Adwords Keyword Tool to find keywords and how often searches are made for those words. Put your possible keywords into a search engine and check out your competition by looking at the number of pages returned. Write your content around your keyword(s). Use keywords that have less competition. Also use targeted long tail keywords.

3) Give serious thought to your site title and description. The words should be your keywords. Use your title and description to get interested readers to your site. (Youre excellent content will keep them there.) Try and match your title and your URL.

4) While you should also submit you site to Yahoo and MSN search engines, the fact is that Google is still the most widely used search engine. The most and best traffic will come from Google so be sure to gear your SEO work towards Google. Use Google tools such as Google's Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.

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