Updated: 10/20/2008 17:06
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Fast Profit Surf is a 14 per cent for 10 days autosurf program. You can upgrade as low as 10 USD using Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and

Fast Profit Surf is a 14% for 10 days autosurf program. You can upgrade as low as $10 using Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and StrictPay. Paul,the admin said he already sent his documents to AlertPay and waits to get his account verified. So we should see AlertPay upgrades available on FPS soon. The overall look of the program is good,Ive seen some big guys upgrading and supporting this program and also banners on forums and monitors. Im sure it will gonna work well for at least a couple of weeks and may become a hit and stay online for a couple of months. Admin seems a resonable guy who wants to build his business, very responsive as he send a couple of newsletter addresing different aspects like informing members about cashouts , monitoring , advertises sites etc. You may signup on FastProfitSurf and upgrade a couple of bucks here.

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