Updated: 10/22/2008 23:19
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There is an opportunity to get an additional income More information Dear all, Our old members should remember that about 4 years ago we

There is an opportunity to get an additional income. More information:Dear all, Our old members should remember that about 4 years ago we were paying for participation on GoldenTalk. Now we have taken a decision to continue this good activity.

Every member will be asked for his Liberty Reserve account number during the registration on GoldenTalk, it is necessarily for receiving payments for his future posts. Already registered members should define their Liberty Reserve account numbers on their 'Edit Profile' page (click the 'User CP' -> 'Edit Profile').

Everyone who has more than 100 new posts may request the payment. To do it please go to 'User CP' -> 'Payments for Your Posts' and click the 'Request Payment' button (you will see this button when you'll have more than 100 new posts). After this GoldenTalk administration will review your posts, evaluate them and process the payment.

We will pay you from 5 to 20 cents per each post, depends on your posts' interest. After each payment you have to make another 100 new posts for receiving the next payment. From the administration side I wish you interesting and profitable talks! Thank you for being the part of our nice community.

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