Updated: 10/25/2008 00:32
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Well as some of you , but I bet a lot do not , Egold has been making alot of changes of late , and the biggest one now is that

Hello All, Well as some of you , but I bet alot don't , Egold has been making alot of changes of late , and the biggest one now is that they have basically stopped all spending for everyone until , they send in verification of Photo ID as well as Address verification.

So Right now , waiting for them to either accept or deny my documents and will not know for sure for some time I guess.. Sigh.. Guess that is money down the drain..

So , as the status of egold seems uncertain.. I have removed it as an advertising option but I have in turn, added AlertPay as an advertising option instead. However have added some fees.. Once I get some funds available I might ( a big Might ) offer it as a Payment option but we will see how it goes. If I can get advertisers that is lol.. :)

So at least for now , I have no choice but to remove Egold as a payment option. I have removed it from Terms page as well as Help Page. I must ask everyone that has egold selected as a payment option , and would like payment , to fill in Paypal Email address and choose paypal as payment option.. Other wise please set to hold to redeem until we figure out more..

Also I guess , I would advice all members that have and use your egold , to upload what they are asking for , so you can also receive funds from Us as well , if we ever get our own account back lol.. :) Or opening up a Paypal or AlertPay Account.. I do have a referral link to Alertpay if you need to open one. But on to better News.. :)

All purchases of 3.00 or more will get 1 free.. :) So check out our advertising page and don't miss out.. :) This Offer will end October 31st. If you have any ?s feel free to contact us through contact page.

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