Updated: 10/25/2008 10:20
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As I predicted MegaLido program keeps rocking and its undoubtedly the most popular autosurf now. Their Alexa ranking was enormous yesterday and

As I predicted MegaLido program keeps rocking and its undoubtedly the most popular autosurf now. Their Alexa ranking was enormous yesterday and the site of MegaLido entered the 6,000 most visited sites in the world. Isnt it amazing, guys? This is definitely the fruits of the hard labour made by the admin Michael (read my interview with him here), and all the supporters and promoters of the program. If youre not in MegaLido yet I wonder what you are waiting for. If you dont know how to start and join an autosurf because youre just an HYIP player then read my article here where I tried to show how to use MegaLido site to your benefit and take action today! Nobody will do it for you, and if you miss the best program in 2008 you will be sorry later, because MegaLido is definitely a good old times program now. I honestly feel like Im in a time warp back to the days when 12DailyPro was ruling the industry. What more can I say to you, guys? MegaLidos simply great! By the way, there is some good news for the AlterGold customers of MegaLido as you will make sure you will not be left alone and all your issues will be sorted out by the admin (I myself had a couple of upgrades in AlterGold and I contacted the admin already and I will report to you soon about the solution he is going to offer me). Anyway, heres todays update from MegaLido:As you know, our Mega Race contest ended yesterday. I appreciate your participation in the contest, we achieved great results with it, the 30 winners will be announced later today and the prizes will be sent. Our website has a rank of 5997 in, this is an awesome number as we have been online for only two months. Alexa is a service that ranks websites according to their traffic statistics, we have been getting huge traffic, I thank you all for your hard work!

We are generating more profits than ever and some serious business ideas are being implemented to make sure we are able to continue with that. I have been receiving lots of business offers and some of them are really great, MegaLidos investments growth is better than ever.

We have some members that invested using AlterGold and they are now offline. As I said on the forum, those who used AlterGold to invest will not be penalized, if you are one of them please e-mail at [email protected] with your member ID and we will sort these problems out.

MegaLido is a complete success, as you can notice. I am really happy with the number of members joining us every day and the amount of investments growing every day. Again, you are a big part of the program and I really appreciate doing business with you all. Im doing my best and most of you are doing the same, that is really nice from you.

Please enjoy your weekends, I hope it will be a good one.

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