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AlterGold This payment system became a real hit this year. First it was an ambitious launch of the system heated by the numerous posts on

AlterGold... This payment system became a real hit this year. First it was an ambitious launch of the system heated by the numerous posts on the forums. Then an aggressive PR of it? But last months all the discussions were related to the problems with AG. Everything began with the press release of AG that was issued in two parts and e-mailed to all the users. Among various ?happy news? there w+as one point stating that AlterGold stops all the operations on AG currency exchange: EXCHANGE PARTNERS We have been making tech improvements in our system to double fraud control. To allow our technicians to work freely on these upgrades, we need to temporarily suspend/close all Exchange activity for the month of September. We will gladly resume our Exchange services on October 1. Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter. We appreciate your business, and look forward to continuing to serve you as we implement our improvements. We now have over 19,600 AG members, and our aim is to double our growth by December!? Let`s look at calendar, what date is it today? Yes, October 27th and??? And nothing! No exchange operations. More other lately it was impossible to withdraw anything from the account. But at last the site was available. Yesterday we decided to check whether the withdrawals are still unavailable and found that the site is unavailable itself! Moreover, it was laughing at everybody! Just look yourself!

So, what is it? An oddball humor of AG or a mean joke of the hackers? If the first version is correct then AlterGold payment processor will go down in history as the most impudent and cynical scammers. However, we think that it is someone?s joke as AG is a young payment processor and it doesn?t have much in its accounts. There were too many expenses to pay for the promotion including banners, articles, paid posts and etc. Actually the duration of AG life is the same as the life of the usual hyip projects. But not a single hyip spent so much money as AlterGold did.

So, the second version, hackers. But who are they? Who need to hack it? May be the angry users who have finally got tired with the idleness of the payment system and its numerous promises that worth a damn?

The version with the rivals is groundless as AlterGold with its locked accounts was a rival to nobody. At a pinch they could use the conventional ddos especially since AlterGold had problems with the DDoS protection and was a regular victim of the ddosers.

One more opinion is that the hackers are the admins of the investment projects who used AG as a settlement tool to run their projects and to make money on. It is known that AG was mainly used by those who wanted to get money quickly and without any efforts. The only way to do it is to invest to some projects presented numerously on the Internet. Some projects had heaps of money in their accounts and the accounts of their customers, however the idling of the site made their life impossible and killed their business. As revenge they could hire some IT specialist who had hacked the site. Another version is just hackers that decided to take advantage of the weak protection system of the processor and to capture the funds. Being very funny and humorous they left the phrase: It works! as the evidence of their work. Whoever he or she or may be they could be but the fact is fact: AlterGold is down during one week. Very sad? Here one more idea suggests itself. AlterGold decided to scam everybody using almost the same method chosen by another great scam project Fethard. It is a kind of imitation of the attack. During this outage the admins of the system will empty all the accounts and then will come back. And the users will be said that all the accounts were hacked by a group of the hackers. As a proof they will present that terrible and sarcastic phrase: It works! It will be a kind of force majeure and will terminate its obligations.

Nevertheless it should end one day. We hope that it will happen soon, as it is a real torture for the accountholders. It should be cleared up if AG is real scam or it just run by the amateur admins that were not prepared to such kind of difficulties.

We sincerely hope that all the users will mange to withdraw their funds and this story will have a happy end. We hope?

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