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Ok guys, a new weeks is starting and here we are with another review for you. The program of today is FastProfitSurf , a new

Ok guys, a new weeks is starting and here we are with another review for you. The program of today is FastProfitSurf, a new autosurf site that launched last week and within a few days is already doing some move in this industry and grabbing a lot of investors. In fact their site is simple, design used by this program is not bad but we also can?t say he invested in design. After all it seems admin mixed a good plan with a fair design and good marketing strategy. We don?t see advertisement from this site out there but the truth is that they are developing well. From October 16th, when FastProfitSurf was launched, to now we could see that simple program can really occupy a position prominence as long as they pay members and keep doing as good as now.

But what good is this program? First point is that admin is using a popular formula, 14% daily for 10 days. I also could check admin got people confidence and has good people promoting them, like Austin (from Collective Investments Forum). Another relevant reason for their growth is because they are accepting almost all payment processors, in this way they reach 100% share of investors. We know after problems with E-gold Industry lost cohesion on payment processors and now is using many ones instead of 1 or 2 as we could see 1 year ago. Point is that today FastProfitSurf has many supporters with them, what is good as programs has been paying on time.

Big investors have the chance to win more, they can earn 14.5% daily for 10 days, 145% total ROI. To get this interest you have to invest $501 or more. To earn you don?t need more than 5 minutes surfing, only 10 sites required. The good is that if you miss a day you don?t lose the interest, your upgraded is extended more one day. Your funds will only clear in your balance on expiry, then you can cashout. FAQs say payments can take 1-3 days to be processed, but current experience of members is that it?s being processed much faster. FastProfitSurf is accepting almost all payments processors: LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, StrictPay and now Alertpay.

I can?t tell much about security, I just could check via Whois this program is hosted in CIF-Hosting. I really don?t know this hosting company, I still didn?t contact admin about it. I?m planning to ask him about security in he interview. Adding to this FastProfitSurf is using Pats Pro, a script by Rollersoft.

This is FastProfitSurf review, I hope you would enjoy it. I will surely contact admin for an interview, so check us later for more information about this program.

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