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My sincere congratulations go to the admin of AggeroInvestment program Roger as today his program is celebrating 2 months online

My sincere congratulations go to the admin of AggeroInvestment program Roger as today his program is celebrating 2 months online. I really believe he will be able to make it three, four and many more months ahead and wish him the best of success. Heres the latest newsletter-reminder issued by Roger today: This email is sent just to remind everybody, especially the new members, of whats going on with our program right now.

1) It is our 2nd MONTH ANNIVERSARY today, Oct. 27th! Happy anniversary to all! We are growing more and more each day! Thank you for all your support.
2) Two contests are running right now: the `10% SITE BONUS` and the ?BEST OF THE BEST! contest. You can find details on our own forum and public forums. Speaking of our own forum, I invite everybody to use it already. I frequent that place also so you can leave me messages there.
3) To all new members, I would suggest you read the last newsletter I sent out. It contains a lot of important info that you might want to know, so you can prepare for your future here on AggeroInvestment.
4) To all new members, and some old members too, please read our F.A.Q. and many of your questions will be answered there. I still receive many tickets asking how everything works on our program, when the answers can be found there most of the time. One of our good member volunteered to help out also if you have any questions with our program, you can email him.
Many programs reported about their compensation plans for AlterGold members (the site is still offline). The best solution was offered by the admin of AggeroInvestment Roger. He promised to compensate every member that deposited to his program via AlterGold to another e-currency. And the best thing about the compensation plan is that the amount can be either withdrawn to the payment processor of your choice or redeposited back into AggeroInvestment program. I think its a great decision which will surely add more investors to his program:This short update concerns members with active AlterGold adpacks only. If you do not have an AlterGold upgrade then you do not need to read further.

I have good news and bad news. For the bad news, as you may already know, AlterGold might not come back online anymore. We have funds stuck with them and as such, we will consider it as a loss already. We know that some of you have funds with them also, so I am sorry for your loss.
And for the good news, you are going to get your AlterGold ?upgrade amount to another payment processor, so you wont lose on our program. BUT, it will be moved to your cash balance and thus all surfing credits previously made are null and voided. You can either repurchase adpacks and re-start again or withdraw it already to your payment processor. In case you do not have any other payment processor besides AlterGold, then you have to sign-up on another one as I cannot pay you via AlterGold anymore.

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