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When people are delighted or on the contrary, not satisfied on this or that issue they try to speak out and to find the like minded people

When people are delighted or on the contrary, not satisfied on this or that issue they try to speak out and to find the like minded people. This is the way the forums and blogs appear. People share there their thoughts, ideas, tell about the problems they have and of course advice each other? However this site differs from others. The creators of the site were probably angry with the known payment processor LibertyReserve. This can be judged by the name of the site

Actually we found this site occasionally when were preparing another article. First we thought that it is one of the numerous blogs and didn?t pay any attention to it. However, when we opened it we were very more than just surprised.

The whole site is built by analogy with the original one: the same colors and pictures. However the texts differ. The whole concept of the site is directed against the payment processor.

Note!! scam sites ->, warns the offer from the very beginning. The warning is followed by the reason that moved the creator to make such website.

Of course, there are nor names of the services which exchange LR to other currencies, neither the merchants.

In the body of the site the author lists the features of the fraud and normal sites and concludes that LibertyReserve is a scam. In other words, it is a classic site of the user which was disappointed by the payment processing company.

The site has not been completed yet and the admin promised to keep the interested people informed: ?I will give you another notices after completion of the site?.

All the links on the site are inactive and lead to nowhere expect two ones - Contact Us and LR Blog which lead to the real site of LibertyReserve payment gateway and to the official blog of the company.

But not the site has surprised us. There are dozens of the similar ones throughout the Internet. We were surprised by the indicated informative site.

The Ecommerce Journal knew NOTHING about such site and certainly does not support its concept. All the articles and news which appear on the pages of our journal are based only on our opinion and we don?t want to force anybody to follow us. We just provide the information and it?s up to the readers whether to accept it or not, and nothing more. Our function is to inform, not to agitate. Hence the publication of such kind of articles is not subject to create such sites.

Also, we would like to address the admins of other sites who has already added or just want to add our site as an informative site. First of all we are very thankful to you for your trust and confidence. However, please contact our admin before adding our journal to your site since we have special terms and conditions.

Thank you very much for your faithfulness to our resource! We will do our best to keep you informed about all the latest events.

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