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I am sending this same message to both sites I just want to explain a few things to you all With our affiliates we have to wait 30 to 90 days for

I am sending this same message to both sites. I just want to explain a few things to you all.

With our affiliates we have to wait 30-90 days for certain companies to receive our checks. Which this is normally not much of a problem with me. I have two work accounts, a checking and a saving. I always kept extra money in my savings account, so I could keep paying everyone and they didnt have to wait as long as I did. I have always paid you guys early. In fact I have never been late in the year I have been in the GPT business. I am still not late, but I think this time I may end up being a few days late. So I want to offer the reason why.

You all know I am trustworthy. I pay and I always have and I always will. But I am out of money. When I switched Jr over to paying every two weeks, I thought all would be okay. But it didnt. With the wait period I have, it drained my savings account. Which is the main reason I have changed JR this month back to every month. I cant make you guys wait for your money. You all work hard for you money and you should get it when promised (or early) I loved being able to pay early.

Monkies had a decent month last month, but of course that will take a while for me to get the money. I am still waiting on a few places to pay me from Augusts earnings, and then the rest of the months after that. The checks will slowly start coming in soon, so I will be paying... Just please be patient with me... I am going to pay everyone in order, and that includes prizes. So prizes will end up being sent at different times. The cash prizes that is, because I have most of the physical prizes here. Dont worry, I promise to have everything out very soon, so it will be here in plenty of time for Christmas. It is just going to take me a few weeks to get all in order from this payment every two weeks we were on.

With Monkie, I should be caught up in two weeks or so, so dont worry too much about it. All bday prizes and what not should be paid. This way we will be back on track for our Bingo...

Thanks for being my members, and thanks for being patient with me.

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