Updated: 11/06/2008 11:00
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Have you just missed out on some easy cash Join our mailing list today and get paid to read updates like this one We pay at least 1 cent for every new blog entry

Have you just missed out on some easy cash? Join our mailing list today and get paid to read updates like this one! We pay at least $0.01 for every new blog entry.

Due to overwhelming demand, we have extended our referral contest and added a new rankings page. Competition dates are now October 5th to December 5th 2008. Only members referred between those dates will be counted. The new page is here...


This gives everyone more chance to refer new members and keep track of how they are doing. The list is ordered by qualifying referrals to make sure competitors refer active members. The top 5 winners will be chosen to receive payments of $250.00 USD (1st prize) $100.00 USD (2nd prize) and $50.00 USD (3 runners up).

Get referring now for a chance to win! Simply add our banners to your website or promote your referral link on traffic exchanges and ad networks. As you will earn money from active referrals anyway, you have nothing to lose! A 'snapshot' of the results will be taken 5th December 2008. Winners will be announced 6th December 2008. Winners will be contacted for their payment addresses and paid via PayPal.

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