Updated: 11/07/2008 10:00
Hyip Monitor
Ok everyone, time for some site changes Site is sittting dormant and we cant have that Changes to come Every click from now on will

Ok everyone, time for some site changes! Site is sittting dormant and we cant have that! Changes to come. Every click from now on will pay you 1/4 cent per click

100% of Downline clicks
New advertising referral, commission system that should flood the site with lots of ads! Be sure to get in on this! Details will come later, but if you want to reach payout over and over, All you have to do is just buy one ad!

The lower clicks will have to be clicked out. They were paid for so they must be viewed. Once they are gone.. Every new ad will pay you 1/4 cent!

Thats pretty much it, I will send the details later, just know that I want to get this site moving along, and I know you are all tired of looking at 10,000 ads to earn 5 cents. So let me see what I can do. As I have said before I like to pay people so let me see if I can get those payouts moving!

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