Updated: 11/08/2008 23:58
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The admin of 8DailyForever Susan also returned LibertyReserve to the list of their accepted processors. You should emember that 8DailyForever has been paying

The admin of 8DailyForever Susan (reviewed here) also returned LibertyReserve to the list of their accepted processors. You should remember that 8DailyForever has been paying since May 2008 (dont forget that 13% for 13 days limited plan is also still on) and so the admin decided to start an aggressive banner advertising campaign in order to increase the number of members of 8DailyForever program to 10,000 by Christmas. Isnt it amazing? Well, in my opinion this is what we call an inventive admin. Heres the latest update from Susan: A Challenge for Everyone! Our GOAL is to flood the forums, monitors and all high traffic sites with 8DF banners, and our target is 10,000 members before Christmas! Can we do it? TOGETHER, you BET we can!! Would anyone like to team with William and I on reaching this goal? Heres an idea: If you know of a good, receptive site to place one of our banners?.the bigger, the better!?..we will pay the banner placement cost for a week to a month. ($50 limit please. If more than that, you pay the difference!) You may use your ref URL and reap the commissions benefits.

Your job is to find the high traffic site (monitor, forum, popular surf etc.), negotiate with the admin and arrange for banner placement. When the banner is up, please send us the URL and your receipt and well reimburse you. To sweeten the deal, well also throw in a free $8 adpack! Now THATs a win-win situation!

Oh and by the way, if we DO reach our 10,000 target before Christmas, well all celebrate bigtime and are open for ideas to do so guys!! Are you up for the challenge ???.

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