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The berry tree provides an opportunity for revenue in order to help build your business for you with a patent pending system, which is a

The berry tree provides an opportunity for revenue in order to help build your business for you with a patent pending system, which is a combination of a unique product with a monthly fee of $50. It is supposedly designed to help you make money from home with little or no experience, no sales or financial background, with the exception of the low monthly fee which you must pay for the software. Accordingly, the berry tree of promises that you do not need to sell, train, study, spend time, money, host parties, work at your own convenient, respond to a boss, be a computer expert, risk the money or try to influence other friends. Basically, the owner of this program claimed that it is supposed to help you build your business, but it requires nothing more than a monthly fee.

The Berry Tree income opportunity that promises you will see earnings within the first two months of the enrollment by just sitting back and doing nothing and everyone will succeed, even if you do not recruit. However, there is no clear explanation from the owner or the management on how to get it there actually.

This fully automated system was said that the berry tree will handle sales and marketing for your business, and it is assumed that you win sales in all members of your family Berry tree. They are a partner with Nutronix, a leading health and wellness products companies and those involved in Berry tree have an access to their products at wholesale prices.

With The Berry Tree Free Trial, people who join this program increase more and more each week. And most of the free trial version members upgraded to a full membership because of the incentive offer of one Berry Member Credit when they join in the program. This free trial period gives existing members a great way to promote this business to other people from home and around the world

There are some members who disappointed and dissatisfied with the program and feel that they have been scammed. The berry tree claimed that they will you $1,300 plus every month after you have simply been paying into the program for two years.

They complained that this program is charging membership fees over and over again in order to stay in the program. They also do not feel good with the bonus pools which according to them are too small as well as it takes too much time for anyone to make any significant money in contrast to what the owner has said and promoted. They also said too many of existing members had failed with this program.

On the RipOff Report website, there a member who posted her report stated that she had been scammed by the berry tree which as follow: ?The Berry Tree The company mislead its members into believing they would bulid a downline for them. Mechanicsville Virginia

*REBUTTAL Individual responds ..How the Beeytree/Nutronix Ripped me for $2700

Hi all. I first want to say hello. I have been reading this website, and want to thank you all for such good information. It has been so useful. I wanted to share my experience out there for a scam I have been involved with. I did a search for this company, but did not find that anything has been posted for a long time. I am hoping my post helps someone.

Please do not join The Berry Tree. It is affiliated with Nurtonoix International. I joined the end of March, and quit in September. It costs $55 a month to be a member. Part of your money goes towards products. The other part of your money is suppose to go toward company advertising to bring people into your TREE. The company never did put anyone in my tree or anyone of my towline's tree. They kept saying the company was going to launch. They finally launched in September. They admitted their company advertising did not work like they planned, so they now have a new trial program. All of my downline quit. I would really like to get the word out there . I would love to prevent others of making this mistake. Thanks for listening all.

Garland, Texas
However, those who are satisfied and happy with the berry tree disagreed with the complaints. According to these members, it is undeniable that the company had made such promises of that special promotions would bring more new members and they will be assigned under the existing berry tree?s members. However, unfortunately, the promotion plans did not turn out successfully as they expected and it caused a delay.

They also argued that the berry tree gives a guarantee that everybody will be building their down lines and success in this program just by sitting and waiting. It is useful and an added advantage if the owner himself bring in and assign new members to every existing member. However, the member?s success or failure in this program depending on individual effort.

It is up to you to think thoroughly and decide whether the berry tree is a scam or not. The promises do sound too good to be true, on the other hand, it could be achieved if you put an effort to promote and build your own down lines without waiting for the owner to do so for you.

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