Updated: 11/15/2008 12:58
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What do you think about returns of 500 per cent after 1 minute You are right, the offer is absolutely impossible. Nevertheless there are

What do you think about returns of 500% after 1 minute? You are right, the offer is absolutely impossible. Nevertheless there are programs where you may meet such investment plans. For example, Heavenlymoney.info

Let's make a small inspection of this program. There are 2 investment plans, such as 500% after 1 minute and 1500% after 1 hour. The offer produces an impression, isn't it? It's time to remember the well known saying - "If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is." Let's go on. I've created an account and tried to invest. The program script has redirected me to fake Shopping Cart Interface (sci.liibertyrezerve.com). If so, then this site must be recognized as PHISHING site and must be added to this list.

So we've got 2 reasons (fake SCI and the incredible investment plan) to avoid any deals with Heavenly Money HYIP. An interesting fact, I've counted 13 banners of various monitors with the "paying" status. Be careful!

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