Updated: 11/17/2008 22:41
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In order to develop antifraud services Apple decided to add antiphishing protection to Safari, the latest browser. The new technology aims to provide the feature that blocks known identity stealing sites

In order to develop anti-fraud services Apple decided to add anti-phishing protection to Safari, the latest browser. The new technology aims to provide the feature that blocks known identity-stealing sites. Apple also launched 11 security bugs in the program, and most of them will appear in Microsoft Windows version.

However, there is no additional information about new tool piloted by Safari 3.2. It is just mentioned that it dubbed "Fraudulent sites" in the browser's options listing. And Apple didn't respond to questions about new anti-fraud feature such as how it works, what database it uses to "blacklist" sites and other relevant information.

Moreover, Apple changed its mind towards the anti-phishing technology several times. Firstly, the company nearly pulled the trigger on an anti-phishing add-in in 2007. When it was planned to launch it into Safari 3.0. Finally, it released the browser instead of feature as part of the upgrade to Mac OSX 10.5.

In order to protect the access to their sites, major e-payment systems such as PayPal require anti-phishing features. So Apple's browser lacked such a feature.

Unlike rival browsers such as Mozilla's Firefox and Microsoft's Internet Explorer doesn't determine the address bar when it reaches a site with an Extended Validation certificate that usually is used to reassure users that the online is legitimate. Also Apple patched 11 bugs in the Windows version and four in the Mac OSX edition.

The majority of those bugs or vulnerabilities were aimed to show that it is possible to steal personal information or crash the computer.

Today customers can download Safari 3.2 from Apple's site and update the installations with help of browser's built-in-update feature.

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