Updated: 11/17/2008 09:39
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In extreme situations like this is speaking about global economic crisis the one should start looking for an alternative ways

In extreme situations like this is (speaking about global economic crisis) the one should start looking for an alternative ways how to get money. It is much appreciated if it is not directly connected with direct investing, but rather being paid for doing other things.

There is no doubt that microblogging was buzz this year. Is there any heavy Internet user, who didn't hear about Twitter? I guess not. And there are more possibilities how to get paid from microblogging activities. As f we talk about Twitter, I did published one opportunity in Get paid for Twitting post - but so far I made small income from that service.

From money earning perspective I see even better opportunity in Twittad. At Twittad they`ve added different concept comparing to what we saw so far. You do sell your background. Twittad is a place, when demand and supply meet. Twitters on one side and advertisers on other. And you, as a Twitters you can set your condition, for how much money and time you offer your background to advertiser. Interesting concept. Not only for publishers, but also for advertisers as you can put your background ad for less than $1 per month.

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