Updated: 11/18/2008 20:32
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Just wanted to give you a heads up on a few things here. Cupid is doing very well with crediting this month we have members with 40 60 offers

Just wanted to give you a heads up on a few things here. Cupid is doing very well with crediting this month...we have members with 40-60 offers credited, and there are a lot of HOTHOTHOT trials available to be done. I am hoping to get you all paid before Christmas, at the very least a partial payment to everyone.

Speaking of Christmas, your gifts did start going out can see the list and pictures in the forum, which is where I will post as boxes are shipped. I will get some more out tomorrow, so you all be sure and watch your mail.

Raffle is still going on, and we have more entrants now, yay! I will be looking this week for extra ways for you to earn tickets!

Also, a reminder that the Christmas section of the site is now closed. We are "renovating" it, lol....turning it into a points section that will open FOR GOLD MEMBERS ONLY December 1. I am doing it that way as during the trial run, I am not yet sure when payments will be made, and it wouldn't be right to have new members coming in, and not being able to answer their questions about that section. So, I am keeping it to gold right now. I am beginning to add offers, so it will be ready to start on Dec 1....but no offers before then :). It will be one point equals one dollar...minimum 10.00 to "cashout" cards available to any place that sells them. I am hoping to run it on a weekly net 7 cashout...but that will be better determined next month, which is why we are "testing" it. Once things smooth out, I will open it for everyone, and you can all have a go :)

Lastly, the referral contest is still going on sitewide, and the posting contest in gold is going strong. As always, if you need help with anything, there is almost 24/7 support in the forum and via email, and all concerns are answered within hours at the most.

Have a great night!

Here`s a small promo for you.
Anyone who has five freebies or at least one trial credit this week THAT IS NOT ON THE CHRISTMAS LIST, will be randomly paypalled an amount of money on Saturday as a "thank you". The only condition is you must email in your request on Friday or Saturday to get this.

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