Updated: 11/18/2008 13:28
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1st Like I expected, our membership numbers grew real fast ever since I sent out the last newsletter Friday I mentioned that we had over 1100 members

1st - Like I expected, our membership numbers grew real fast ever since I sent out the last newsletter Friday. I mentioned that we had a little over 1100 members that time. Now we are almost 1400 (1395 to be exact)! And with 10 more days left until we privatize, we could double my original expectation of 1000 members. That is great! And I thank all of you for making this happen.

2nd - To all those who use STP, if youve noticed, when you log-in to your STP account first-time today, it will ask you for a new password and a new secondary password. I did enter a new one but unfortunately, the new secondary password I entered is not working when doing mass payouts. I already requested a new one and should be sent within 24 hours according to their terms. But until then, I cannot do payments in STP. But nothing to worry about, you know that I will do it as soon as I receive their reply. All other payment processors are up-to-date and paid according to terms. LR and StrictPay are being paid automatically and without any issues.

3rd - In a related issue, if you also deposited using STP, it will not show on your account automatically. Please send me a support email with the transaction info and your username and I will add it manually.

4th - Use the latest version of Firefox to get the best experience on our program. If you are using other browsers, update it also to the latest version.

5th - If you didnt get your activation link, just try logging-in already. If you get in then that means you are activated and good to go. That`s about it! Have a wonderful day!

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