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1. Please introduce yourself to my readers and tell us what position you occupy in ResidualForexIncome. My name is Mike Tycoon. My close friends and

1. Please introduce yourself to my readers and tell us what position you occupy in ResidualForexIncome.
My name is Mike Tycoon. My close friends and partners call me Tooney so if you like that you can call me that way ;) I am the fellow who started ResidualForexIncome project and I am a chief executive manager. Just like CEO in a company.

2. Tell us about your team. How many people are actually involved in running ResidualForexIncome and trading on Forex?
Our team is a real TEAM in terms of interpersonal relations. We have been working together for over 1 year already and we fairly know that it's worth being a good team. We have Ruddie (Rud Henkel). He helped us a lot on web design and templates. Also he is doing some maintenance work about the website and helps Marty. Who?s Marty? Marty (Martin van Duke) is our senior tech. Actually he is the one who brought ResidualForexIncome online. Marty is responsible for all stuff connected with server management, scripting, coding etc. And he is the one who likes to get on my nerves saying ?stay away from that and mind your own Forex!? every time I try to do some coding. I am just kidding, Marty ? you are the best, as well as Jake. Jake is the only person who unfortunately got no nickname. Jake Persey is our support. Not a support assistant but real, stable and hardworking support service. I wished there were more people like him and it was my luck I met him once. Jake is working with 2 more guys who are helping him with emails, promotion and customer service ? Nick and Robin. Shame on me but I am always mixing their names. I hope we will have enough time to get to know each other.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that we have 12 active traders working as financial outsources and making an average monthly net profit of 53.4%? What do I mean by financial outsourcing? To make long story short these people have full time skyrocketing careers in banks and investment agencies making profits for the companies they work for. But at the same time they make profits for you and me by managing our investment for a reasonable commission. If you know what software development outsourcing is then you must understand what I mean. There are 2 more people who are about to join from Indover and ABN AMRO Banks.

3. Can you briefly tell us the history behind the formation of your project? What is the main purpose of your site?s existence?
Well, that?s one of the most interesting parts of the interview but with all my best I would not answer this question better than I have already done this on our website in ?About Us? section.

4. Can you describe in detail how are you actually going to make money for ResidualForexIncome members?
First of all you have to read our ?About Us? section and this interview. This contains 80% of the answer in my opinion. As for the rest 20% I must add that according to the monthly factual results 70% of net profit (after paying outsourcers) is proportionally distributed between our active members (depending on the interest rate and their initial investment). We take the rest 30%, 2% of which goes to our reserve fund to enhance stability in the long term. This is a general scheme which does not include exchange and any other fees.

Now when we are online I come across a lot of investment programs pretending to work under a fully licensed company, having more than 50 people in staff and covering stocks, bonds and Forex markets at the same time. But they will never make me believe. They claim to be rich and prosperous so they are able to throw money into expensive advertising or paying a few $K to monitors to be on top. The bottom line is that a real investment project cannot be that rich. If you manage a $million it does not mean you own this $million. And when some wise men accuse us of not having 100% brand new customized unique website platform or not hiring live phone/chat operator I usually go like ? We have to pay our members. And I will think twice before I spend extra 1k for things like ads or website development without working out my payouts plan beforehand.

5. Can you provide us with any proof of your investment activity on Forex markets? How can the investors be sure that you?re not another team of swindlers that are just pretending to trade on Forex?
That is a good question. As far as it concerns ResidualForexIncome I am also the 1st level investor who is aware of what is really going on with the money. I would buy a SSL certificate for instance. Or I would register an offshore company filed to Panama or Belize to show you the certificate of incorporation. But now it?s just a waste of money. And it?s not the proof I would need myself. (However we are planning to go through these steps but according to our long term plan only). I?ve got a pretty good brand new idea which is gonna serve like a 100% proof. With certain limitations of course but still. The essence is that we will provide access to our Real forex trading accounts on different trading platforms. I am not sure whether our traders will support this idea but I will do my best to make this happen because it would be cool. Marty will set up special IP connection to access account in a ?watch only? mode in order to see what exactly is being done at the moment or consult any statistics to view the history records. We could arrange this procedure for any of our large clients, for instance, who you could entirely trust. Suppose it?s much better than reading .txt tables of stat reports, isn?t it? Just let it all happen.

6. What investment plans does ResidualForexIncome offer to its potential investors? Please tell us about them in detail. What is the daily rate? Is compounding allowed? What is the minimum and the maximum to deposit?
We are offering our investors a wide range of investment plans grouped into 4 separate investment packages. The min interest rate we offer is 1.22% daily for 180 trading days. This is mainly targeted to those willing to test our service, as far as I know there a lot of people online. $10-$100 in my opinion is the affordable amount to make a test. So instead of asking a list of questions to our support and going over a list of forums just make a test spend to see how it works with your own eyes. The max interest we are currently offering is 2.22% daily for 200 trading days. The more you invest ? the more you earn. That?s a global worldwide rule working in any business. Do not forget that your initial deposit is returned upon contract completion also! And compounding option is available. Investing $1k only in our project with 100% compounding will make you over $12k net profit + your initial deposit of $1k = over $13k. Not bad at all as compared to $3.5K you would get with 0% compound.

So if you might think our rates are not competitive you are not actually right. However we offer only what we can deliver. I hate useless promises.

For more details you can register a free member account in ResidualForexIncome.

7. What e-currencies do you currently accept and do you have plans to expand this list in the near future?
We used to accept E-bullion but now it seems they?re gone forever. We accept LibertyReserve. We are planning to add AlterGold and PerfectMoney as payment processors soon. And as for our long term plans we are looking for a reliable service to set up a merchant credit card account for us to accept CC payments. Now we encourage our members to use exchangers to invest via bank wire or CC. It?s safe for us both.

8. What script do you run ResidualForexIncome on? What anti-DDoS protection do you have in place that can prevent further DDoS-attacks on your site?
We use a partly customized script delivered to us by some individual programmer. Marty found it quite reliable and the price was quite honest by the way.

As you might already know we have recently moved to a new server with more enhanced anti DDoS firewalls and security. Many of our friends have used their service and say they are honest and nice to deal with. Although I cannot disclose their details so far.

9. How can you be sure that you will be in profit trading on Forex every time? What will happen in case you fail to provide the current daily rates to the investors?

  • 1) We offer only what we can really deliver.
  • 2) We are focused on the long term. What I mean by that is that long term Forex strategy reduces the relative risk of losing money in a few days for example if you promise your investors 20% daily.
  • 3) We diversify the investment between 12 traders. Each of them keeps to his own independent set of rules and guidelines. So even if one of them makes some mistake this will be compensated by the more successful trading of another one.
  • 4) We have very good experience. I was helping and I am still helping quite a lot of people in the Netherlands to manage their funds. On a private unofficial basis of course. People don?t like to pay tax and reveal where they got the money from. Neither do I. In my opinion it?s quite fair because if I earned my money online working hard and invested it into online Forex trading the government (any government) has nothing to do with my profit. I pay my internet provider, I might be paying monthly hosting fees, exchange fees, brokerage fee and finally I am paying my local bank for any transfer to have some cash out. Internet is free international space.

10. What advertising strategy do you use to make ResidualForexIncome a well-known and popular program among online investors? Do you rely mostly on forums and monitors or on word of mouth?
We rely on all kinds of resources including forums, monitors and blogs. But absolutely the best one is a good word of mouth.

11. In your opinion what differentiates ResidualForexIncome from other HYI programs claiming to trade on Forex? What will make it last for a longer time?
I think the answer is very similar to the answer #4. Anyway all online investment projects have a lot of common features. And I strongly hope there are a lot of good programs over Internet.

12. Can you share your plans for the future with us? How do you see ResidualForexIncome in a year? What will determine its success in your opinion?
Yes, I can. Just thinking what to start with.

  • 1) We are planning to set up a 1 room mini office in Amsterdam to receive phone calls, fax and communicate with clients. Although it?s quite risky we will give it a try. If it goes well we will start to think of the company registration.
  • 2) We are planning to arrange a 2 day seminar in Malta. About 15 people are welcome. We haven?t decided on the date and other terms yet. All our members will be notified beforehand. That?s one more good reason to sign up with ResidualForexIncome.
  • 3) We are planning to keep doing good work for our members.

13. What would you say to the readers of my blog to encourage them to join ResidualForexIncome?
This would sound a bit weird but if after reading this interview, visiting our website and talking to our support assistant you are still so skeptical not to register a free account and put at least $50 in for a test ? please do not join. It?s hard to deal with such people. Excuse me for a straight answer. Anyway, everybody is welcome!

14. What is your honest opinion about my blog? Do you think it?s useful for online investors and if yes in what way?
Your blog is one of the best investment resources I?ve ever seen. For sure. Your individual approach to every program and lots of fresh news and info will make it even more popular in future. Keep this good work going, Paul.?

As you could see from this interview the admin of ResidualForexIncome is doing his best to prove his program?s credibility and assure the investors that ResidualForexIncome does actually trade on Forex. Of course, after so many scams online it?s hard to believe it's true but I guess in several months we will see how serious Mike was regarding his program and what he had achieved for this period.

In my honest opinion, with such low interest rates starting from 1.22% daily during 180 trading days ResidualForexIncome will be able to become a sustainable and popular program among online investors but it will take some time and efforts from admin?s side. If you want to know my honest detailed opinion about ResidualForexIncome please don?t hesitate to read my review of the program published on my blog here. See you tomorrow, guys, when I publish yet another interesting interview! Stay tuned and have a good weekend to everybody!

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