Updated: 11/18/2008 13:26
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Residual Forex Income has been able to run a successful program online for three months online which is the best proof of its stability

We are proud to announce that Residual Forex Income has been running for 3 months online already! This is not a very long period but we hope each of you fully realizes that time really matters in online investment industry. And the fact that we have been able to run a successful program online is the best proof of our stability and serious intentions.

1. We were able to cope with fake abusers and ddos attacks.

2. We did everything possible to make RFI certified and verified not only by GOBC community by also mainly by those who decided to go through verification procedure.

3. We are paying and supporting our members despite the circumstances of the world financial and economic crisis.

4. We rely on the word of mouth in our advertising campaign and have 100% clear records. That is why we have so many people referred by their friends, collegues and relatives.

5. The main RFI motto is Not to be the most popular but the most stable and reliable on the market. And it seems we are making these words come true.

Over the past time a lot of people learnt from their sad experience with a number of programs which are now gone. Unpleasant to say but this number is rapidly growing. Needless to say about the recent downfall of megalido. As the logical conclusion we highly recommend all our members not to lose common sense when investing in popular high return matrix.

If you have any problems or questions regarding RFI please feel free to contact us anytime. We will be glad to guide and assist you.

We are happy to see you among our members and will always do our best to make our cooperation safe, stable and reliable. Stay tuned!

P.S. And do not forget that we have 20 days free membership time limit. We want to have interested people here at RFI only. That is why if you have no interest or desire in our service please let us know and your account will be closed in order not to bother you with newsletters and updates.

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