Updated: 11/18/2008 17:30
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Hello everybody You might have heared eGold suspended all members accounts as they want to validate their identity, I sent them a copy of my last utiliy bill

Hello everybody! You might have heared eGold suspended all member's accounts as they want to validate their identity. I sent them a copy of my last utiliy bill that shows my address but they ask for a Government issued photo ID as well. It's against my values give them intimate infos like my photo or ID number, I'm really wondering why they need these infos to verfiy me. Do they want to join as me at dating sites using my photo? And I better not ask what they'll do with my ID number...

With all that shit I won't accept any payments through eGold anymore, aside from the fact I cannot send or receive money at time anyway. I won't continue my membership there even though I'm gonna loose $20 but we're far away anyway from being anonymous. Too much people know too much things about me which I can't control, I don't need to make myself a step more transparent on purpose... eGold has been a doubtful service in the past due to their lazy security settings and it's still highly doubtful with the way of the new identity and residential address verfication...

I'm sorry for advertiser that liked to pay with eGold, they were the only reason I joined eGold, but my privacy is most inportant to me!

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