Updated: 11/20/2008 17:58
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Froggie here just bringing you some updates and some news from the frogs desk today. Frogress is now 23 days old today. Frogress started

Froggie here just bringing you some updates and some news from the frogs desk today. Frogress is now 23 days old today. Frogress started back last October 27, 2008 and it has been growing eversince. Frogress currently has 2810 members and counting by the minute.

Froggie members enjoy the quick payouts that froggie has been doing since day 1. Support tickets are also answered by froggie in a quick manner. You can ask members who tried contacting the froggie about this and see what they say. Some say they received payouts and replies within seconds and they are not kidding. Froggie is proud of it.

Another great news from froggie is that Frogress now has an exchange service. Even though some transaction directions are not yet available, like all orders for LibertyReserve and StrictPay. But we are now accepting order From LibertyReserve and StrictPay to either SolidTrustPay or AlertPay. We have good rate fees for the exchanges. Some members already tried it and they were impressed by the speed of processing that only happened at the Froggie Kingdom. See the exchange page at the link below. You must be logged in to your account in order to transact.

Now regarding the referral contest promotions that Froggie had on Frogress. The winners have already been contacted by the Froggie and some already got their prizes and we are waiting for the replies of the other winners so they can send froggie the information he requested.

Watch out for new promotions and contest at Frogress. Froggie asks everyone to please vote / rate at the monitors page. You will be very happy froggies for being part of Frogress because payouts are fast and the program is doing super duper great. If you just signed up and did not upgrade your account yet. Now is the time to do so. It has never been a better time to upgrade your account than today.

Many are benefiting already and you should not let the opportunity just pass you by. Upgrade your accounts now.

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