Updated: 11/20/2008 14:01
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Comparing prices from different providers seems to be very popular at the moment. So we thought we would do our own. We have taken prices from five

Comparing prices from different providers seems to be very popular at the moment. So we thought we'd do our own. We've taken prices from five leading Paid To Click websites for visitors and yearly upgrade costs. You can see the results here...


We've made several updates to our site including a new Cancel link on active campaigns. Clicking this link (then confirming) will cancel your campaign and return the remaining credits to your balance. This means visitors allocated to slow running (over targeted) campaigns can now be cancelled and reallocated to another advert for faster delivery. This will put many more adverts back in rotation.

We've also added another layer of cheat protection to prevent people clicking more than one advert at once, or avoiding our countdown timer. This should provide much higher conversion rates for our advertisers.

We've slashed our banner advertising prices by 50%! That's half price! You can now display your banner advert on our Browse Ads page or site base for just $6.25 per week! But hurry, these prices won't last forever. Click here to find out more!

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