Updated: 11/26/2008 09:42
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There are three items on the agenda today to which we would like to draw your attention 1. As previously announced, we have recently

There are three items on the agenda today to which we would like to draw your attention:

1. As previously announced, we have recently incorporated additional payment processor StrictPay and if you are not yet a member we invite you to explore all of the novel and convenient feature this rapidly gaining popularity payment solutions company has to offer.

We encourage program members and visitors to use our StrictPay sponsor link (https://www.strictpay.com/index.php?referred_by=46855) in case you decide to open an account. This may help our program to reduce or even eliminate the fees, related to our upcoming digital currency exchange capacity. URINVEST is already accepting StrictPay deposits in manual mode and we should have this process automated, hopefully within the next week or two. ANOTHER FEATURE already available to our program participants is "Payouts By Check". Users, who made their deposits using any of the digital currencies, may now request payouts in access of $150, via check, sent directly to their home address, or to their bank's deposit boxes, if supported.

2. We would like to take this chance and thank the owner of a very popular website MONEY-NEWS-ONLINE.COM, for reviewing our program and especially for inviting us for the interview. Full text of the interview can be found in our previous news article and by following the following link: http://money-news-online.com/blog/2008/11/20/201108-interview-with-the-admin-of-urinvest

We recommend the readers to explore the money-news-online.com to see other reviews, as we think it is really worth the reading.

3. The last item of high importance for today's update, is our partnership's call to other investment program owners and organizers, who, perhaps, do not have proven and stable investment ideas readily available to them, and to consider URINVEST being part of their investment strategy and portfolio. We feel that our highly flexible payout terms and offered yields may serve extremely well not only to the individual investors, but to other pooled funds.

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