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Earlier this year a target of issuing 1 million contactless cards was set by Barclaycard in the UK Today the technology is applied to the

Earlier this year a target of issuing 1 million contactless cards was set by Barclaycard in the UK. Today the technology is applied to the Barclaycard OnePulse card and the cards recently issued to Goldfish and Morgan Stanley customers. Moreover, now all newly issued Barclaycard Platinum cards will include contactless capabilities.

According to the bank a recent research that polled 558 cardholders prompts that the technology is a perspective business as long as 98% of the respondents confessed that it was easy to use and 88% claimed that it enabled them to cut down the amount of time they would usually take to buy items such as a coffee. Barclaycard thinks that the research shows customers? being ready to use contactless payments on low value items in their everyday lives. Additionally, the study revealed that 95% of respondents claim to make at least one transaction a day of under 10, which leaves Barclaycard confident that there is a big consumer market for the technology.

At the moment 6,000 outlets accept contactless payments across the UK including such retailers as Coffee Republic, EAT and Yo! Sushi. Besides these there are thousands of local independents such as dry cleaners, shoe shops, leisure centres and bookshops. Recently Barclays also signed a deal with ubiquitous high street food chain Pret A Manger which plans to introduce the technology across its 178-strong national store network within the following 6 months.

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