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New facts came to the light in the investigation procedure concerning the murder of Pamela Fayed, a coowner of the now shut online payment

New facts came to the light in the investigation procedure concerning the murder of Pamela Fayed, a co-owner of the now-shut online payment processor e-Bullion and gold-trading company, Goldfinger Coin & Bullion Sales. This week police advised that they have yet to find the man who killed the wife of a wealthy gold trader James Fayed in spite of his being arrested along with one of his employee.

The latest reports reveal that police obtained a videotape showing a man at the Century City parking garage where Pamela Fayed, 44, was killed on July 28 after she met with her husband and their attorneys regarding their divorce. James Fayed and Jose Luis Moya were charged with murder and conspiracy after the death of Mrs. Fayed. According to Los Angeles Police Detective Salaam Abdul, now investigators are proactively seeking the man seen on surveillance tape getting out of a red sport utility vehicle in the parking garage around the time of the killing. The allegations of the authorities are that the car was rented by James Fayed. Detectives found the man on the videotape to be a "person of interest" with a composite sketch of the man released.

Prosecutors are sure that James Fayed paid Moya the amount of nearly $25,000 so that the latter would arrange the murder of the wife of e-Bullion?s CEO. Both men pleaded not guilty. It will be recalled, that the Fayeds, who jointly owned gold-trading company, Goldfinger Coin & Bullion Sales, and an associated Internet firm e-Bullion, were involved in a divorce and were fighting for control of their business.

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