Updated: 12/03/2008 15:17
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woohooo look at this the delighted got a new look now you can feel free to advertise but warning there is no banners in the

woohooo look at this... thedelighted got a new look.. now you can feel free to advertise.. but warning.. there is no banners in the referel section.. not just yet anyway.. maybe i can have someone design one of them while i'm waitng for my real banner designer to come on and do the rest..

but that's going to take at least a day.. so if you wouldn't mind just advertising emails at this point. i promise i'm hurrying along as fast as i can to get it the way you want it.

also.. the site was designed by koni at gramma luvs you. and she did a fantastic job.. absolutely awesome.. also.. the members area .. the links and such for your earnings and inbox and user info.. that was done by edskers aka tammy from

she did wow job.. i am just amazed at how she has patients and talent like that.. and i gotta learn how she does it..!!!!!!!!! ok i'll let you go.. remember.. referel contest till 500 members.. and the prizes are

first place - 10.00
second place - 5.00
third place - 3.00

big big advertising sale once we reach 100 members. so go out there and build those downlines.

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