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Hi my zodiacfamily, welcome to zodiacads.com The last month in this year has started yesterday but I was too busy yesterday to send

Hi my zodiac-family, welcome to zodiac-ads.com! The last month in this year has started yesterday but I was too busy yesterday to send a mail :( I hope you had some relaxing days and enjoyed the Thanksgiving weekend. I was busy as hell with all kind of stuff, mainly doing the christmas cookies. I did the last one yesterday and today I vacuumed and cleaned the whole flat. Christmas can come, lol.

Now on to the site news. The last quiz round has finished and we have 2 overall winner: ***** and ***** both got $1.50 in their account. The following members get 100 Contest PTC (No PTP):
*****: 71 Points
****: 62 Points
****: 57 Points
****: 30 Points
****: 18 Points
****: 11 Points
****: 9 Points
****: 8 Points

Please send in your ad infos (Banner link & reflink) to question@ zodiac-ads.com along with your username and "Trivia Winner" in the subject line. This way I'll find your mails much faster :) Another contest has started: our traditional christmas contest! Open each day 1 door of the Advent Calendar and look what's behind. Some of the doors include a free ad, other contain a question about christmas. Answer these questions and note the stated letter to form a solution word at the end of the christmas. The 1st price is a Air Membership for 1 year! The link to the contest with the rules and all prices can be found in your account menu :)
At the end a note to all member that have checked "search" in their profiles : I checked my search stats yesterday and I'm not happy about the results. Too many click on a searchlink without perform a search. I DO NOT force anyone doing a search but it would be very nice if you would do when clicking a searchlink. With every valid search I earn money, money I need to do payouts and other Cash Giveaways. The more this site earns the more Cash I can give back to all of you :)
With this said I let you go on clicking. Have a great day and may the power of the stars be with you.

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